Hexagon Grid Creator For Maya

I just found this amazing little program. It’s called Hexagon Grid Creator and will create hexagons or regular patterns of six squares each!

HEXAGON GRID CREATOR builds hexagon-like strips or models with a click of the button. The interface panel offers parameters for orientation, radius size and position in relation to other elements on your computer screen; column count (the number going up vertically from left), row offset value which allows you make adjustments during model creation by clicking once more after setting values like width/height ratios etc., making it easy t o create bases at will without getting stuck while working through Maya’s many tedious stages!

The Maya script for the Hexagon Grid Creator has just been released. Check it out here!

Hexagon Grid Creator for Maya:

  • offset — define the distance between each hexagon (doesn’t affect the size).
  • Interior Edge — turn on this option to create edges connecting to the center for each hexagon.
  • Group Hexagons — the grid consists of separated hexagons, turn on this option to group all these hexagons (recommanded).
  • Orient — determining the origin shape of base hexagon.
  • Radius — the radius of each poly hexagon (i.e. the basic size).
  • N.rows/N.columns — number of hexagon in row or column.