Hitfilm 4 Pro Adds Alembic, Grid Particles More

FXHome has taken the wraps off a new product release with HitFilm 4 Pro, which now offers an improved animation system and some really big improvements to 3D. The new features include importing Alembic files for extra detail in your animated short films!

HitFilm has been making some great advancements to their unified and true 3D environment over the last little while. With hitfilm 4 pros, you can now import models that are generated from virtually any application that supports alembic formats! If you aren’t familiar with Alembics it is Lucas film’s open-source file interchange framework for importing/exporting dynamic geometry in digital media like animation or games development among other things – Something which makes this even more useful than before because of how flexible they’ve made everything by allowing baked geometries too meaning there will never be an issue when working on multiple projects at once since all data gets compiled together seamlessly across platforms.

HitFilm 4 Pro introduces a completely new animation system, massive improvements to 3D model realism, a stunning new 3D titler and much more.

You can bring in animated content from your favorite 3D application and use it in HitFilms 4 Pro environment.
Fantastic! With the new features of HitFilm 4, you’ll be able to work with a wide range of animations including mesh characters or particle simulations for even more creative possibilities when creating videos that appeal on an emotional level.

Adding More to HitFilm’s 3D

In the new and improved lighting system in HitFilm 4 Pro, FXHome has completely overhauled how materials react with light. The model is based on a Cook-Torrance System that offers much richer results for specularity so you can have better-looking metallic surfaces than before!

New 3D rendering features have been added to the latest version of SketchUp, which allows for realistic contact shadows when objects are in close proximity. The Global Ambient Occlusion may also apply a cast shadow between all three layers and is sure to add more life-like qualities during your designing process!

Better Animation Controls

With the added value graph to their timeline, HitFilm 4 Pro offers a view into how keys are interpolated for animation. The new Bezier Spatial Interpolation will allow you adjust these animations with friendly and intuitive beziers on each keyframe – giving more control than ever before!

Particle Engine Additions

The new update for HitFilm 4 offers Soft Particles, which are particles that have softer edges when they come into contact with a 3D model. You can create an informative scene by using these effects and it’s easier than ever!

With the new emitter, you can create something more than just a simple explosion as particles will now spawn into grids. This is great for those looking to make their videos stand out!

Visit the page for HitFilm 4 to learn more about the latest features not listed here.

HitFilm 4

Don’t be fooled by imitations, HitFilm 4 Pro is the real deal. With its fast and easy editing interface you’ll have all the tools at your disposal to make any video come alive – in no time!
It’s available right now for $349 with upgrades starting at just 169 bucks- not bad when compared against other programs that cost thousands more than this one does . It also works seamlessly across Adobe products including After Effects or Premiere pro so there really isn’t much reason why anyone wouldn’t want it to if they’re looking for high-quality footage alongside professional-grade production values within their project videos.