Houdini Concepts For The Maya Artist

John Moncrief Explains how Houdini Works From a Maya Artist Point of View.

Houdini is used by many professionals in the creative industry–now, Maya artists can take their talents to new heights with this SideFX presentation. Learn about the Houdinis interface and workflows for ease of use so that you’re able to get oriented quickly!

That statement was true for me, the author of this article, and most other Maya users. We all feel a sense of excitement when we first open up Houdini Premium but quickly become overwhelmed as to how procedures can lead to confusion in workflows that are not clearly defined from start to finish on our end or what those steps even look like like like within an animation sequence themselves.

It is because these challenges do exist though with some extra help from others who know more about it than us! If you’re new here then check out my previous post “5 Ways To Get Started With The Non-Procedural Side of Maya.”

Houdini Apprentice

If you want to dive into Houdini, this series from Dalvi is a great starting point. Get your copy of Houdini Apprentice—a free version that can be used by students artists and hobbyists alike for personal non-commercial projects; learn about scripting techniques in motion graphics with Live Action Media Essentials (LAME) 3-course bundle!