How To Add Effects In Premiere With Extendscript

NT Productions shows how to add and set values of effects in Adobe Premiere using Adobe ExtendScript.

It’s easy to forget, being motion designers that Adobe ExtendScript works for multiple applications and not just After Effects. Check out this new tutorial from Nathan Lovell who shows how you can easily add and adjust effects in Premiere using scripting!

“To be a better After Effects producer, you need to know your software intimately. This series will give you control and possibilities of what we can create script-wise.” -Lovell
“If this is new content for an upcoming project or just something that interests the creative mind then I highly recommend checking out my last tutorial on adding items in Adobe ExtendScript’s render queue,” said NT Productions as he described how it works “Essentially any object found within AE such as text boxes might become available at anytime during production which means those who are speedy with their fingers.