How To Add Sprinkles To A Chocolate Donut In Blender 3d V2.76 : Spoken Tutorial[/

By killbz

In this video, you will learn how to add sprinkles to your favorite donut in a blender.
The ingredients are cake mix and frosting that both come with their own set of instructions on the box or can be found at any grocery store near where I live as well! To start simply combine all-purpose flour, baking powder (sodium hydrogenated palm kernel Adds rise), salt together adding 2 Tablespoons oil if using just butter instead then slowly incorporate 7 ounces hot water combined mixture into dry ingredients until it forms ball before releasing air bubbles mixing thoroughly by hand without overworking dough which leads too tough texture but also ensures proper drying time during oven cycles final result should feel slightly tacky between fingers when done making sure there aren’t still

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