How To Advect Splines With X-particles in Cinema 4D

Markus Gonser shows how you can advect splines using X-Particles in C4D.

Whatever your creative vision, there are tools for you in 3D-modeling software like Cinema 4D. The new tutorial from Markus Gonser shows how to advect splines or curves using Insidium’s X-Particles plugin and make abstract designs that would otherwise be impossible without them!

In this tutorial, we will be using the ExplosiaFX in X-Particles object to generate smoke and fire. This can help add variety into your animations for videos or games where you want more dynamic effects!


C4D has a lot of tools for artists to create dynamics and even more third-party stuff too. X-Particles is quickly becoming the one stop shop within C4D with its vast collection, which includes an extensive library of particles presets as well!

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