How To Age Your Face With Mocha Pro And After Effects

FloMotion shows how you can use PowerMesh in Mocha Pro to age footage of your face.

In this latest tutorial by FloMotion’s Florian Fueger, we get to see some of the AI-powered filters that Photoshop recently introduced and one new feature from Mocha. This last piece is called PowerMesh which allows you track warping surfaces in After Effects while aging footage of any face with ease!

Mocha provides powerful tracking tools for motion graphics pros who want their work done quickly without having them look like they were made on an old machine with low quality video clips synced up at 2fps because time doesn’t matter when it comes down making artsy film trailers so go ahead –

Mocha PowerMesh.

Fueger shows how you can use Mocha Pro’s PowerMesh to track a moving face’s warping surfaces. That will allow for an aged version of yourself, even while talking!

We’ve seen mesh-based tracking before – I’m sure we can all remember where the first time was when it happened. It might have been in a video or live action shot, but for me at least there are two that stand out sharply: Chris Vranos Lockdown For After Effects plugin which allowed you to track warping surfaces and Frank Zappa’s album cover artwork of The Man Who Stepped Into zanze titled “Hot Rats”.