How To Animate An Object Along A Path In After effects

Joe Lawrence shows how you can animate any object around a path in After Effects.

Motion graphics are all about the details, and Joe Lawrence takes us through his latest quick tip on how to animate an object along a path. There is more than one way for this motion to be achieved in After Effects!

The best option depends upon what type of vector illustration you’re creating- whether it’s masking off areas with shape layers or using splines as guides when drawing curves. To see which technique works well depending on your project please watch his video below so take care now before time runs out 😉

Joe demonstrates how a strategic copy and paste can allow you to place an automatically animate any layer on top of another one. There are other ways too, though! Paul Conigliaro’s Wayfinder script offers simplicity with more control over certain settings in Ae; Satoru Yonekura has written an expression tutorial showing us that it is possible for our layers or sublayers (whatever we have chosen)to follow along the path set out by others as they move them around- all while being deformable at will if desired.

Joe Lawrence is a freelance art director, compositor and animator. Make sure you pay him (or her) the closest possible visit at The You And Me Academy!