How To Animate Blood Flow Using Mash In Maya

3D Splanchnic shows how to animate blood flow using MASH in Maya rather than nParticles.

Animating blood flow is a common task for animators. There are several choices when creating animations in Maya, including Path Animation or NParticles to name just two methods that have been used historically with MASH being one more recently developed tool available within Motion Graphics Toolkit (Mash).

This new tutorial shows how you can use the network editor on Mash objects containing your animation data so it plays out as cells move up into an artery then outward through vessel walls before finally draining away outside our screen view. The output should include words like “maya”, ‘blood’, and even mention 3D models without overusing jargon.

Ian Waters, who once demonstrated how you can layer dynamics on top of an existing MASH animation. A method perfect for getting blood flow in a specific direction but also have the cells animate themselves according to what’s happening with their neighbors – this way it feels much more natural!