How To Animate Clouds In Ae Using Shapes

Emonee LaRussa shows how to quickly and easily animate clouds in After Effects with this easy-to follow method.

In this new walkthrough tutorial from Emonee LaRussa, you’ll learn how she created cloud animations. The video shows off a stylized version of an animation using simple shapes in After Effects!

Cloud Making Tools

To create the perfect cloud, you need one of these tools. There are two that I recommend – Nible Nimbus and Element Supply Company’s Ae Preset for After Effects. They both have their own unique features to make your videos more dramatic or stylistic!

Ae is great because it works as a text style so no matter what type of project setting they’re in front on, you can easily change up effects by adding some smoke onto anything else with ease- whether its an interview footage shot outdoors during sunset time OR even just using loops inside commercials where actors are talking while having soft lighting behind them all at once.

Get Nimble Nimbus

Check out the presets over at Element Supply Company for some examples, and pick up a copy here.