How To Animate Liquid In A Glass With After Effects

Owen Chikazawa Shows a Simple Way to Animate Liquid in a Glass With Ae.

Motion Array is always coming up with new tutorials. I just learned how to make liquid in a glass look like it’s sloshing around, and now they have another one for Ae users! Watch this video below that shows you the wave warp effect – which only requires two parameters: Time Offset (+ β) x Scale (S).

Motion array has released yet another great tutorial about animating liquids using their own Wave Warp Effect tool on top of After Effects CS5 or earlier versions.

The Wave Warp effect gives a nice look to the liquid in this glass, and duplicating layers makes it seem even more realistic. This is an easy animation technique that can be used for any type of beverage you want- from water droplets on wine bottles or coffee bubbles popping outta espresso machines!

If you are looking for a more hand-animated look, this tutorial from CreativMotion shows how to create the water splash frame by frame in Photoshop with After Effects.