How To Animate Pixel-art With Marmoset Hexels

TipTut Shares a Look at the Animation Process for Pixel-Art Using Marmoset Hexels

TipTut’s Matthew Fryer covers how to create and animate pixel-art using Marmoset’s Hexels. There are various ways that you can develop your own piece of work with a variety of tools, but those who want something quick or don’t have access to powerful software like Photoshop may turn out in favor of this option:

take an existing graphic from scratch by hand drawing every last detail onto paper before converting it into digital form via programs such as Illustrator – these files retain all original color patterns because they’re never touched during the conversion! The final product will always end up looking good even if there were some imperfections present initially.

With Hexels, you can create art with a paint-able grid that offers infinite creativity. The app is free to download and has an advanced rasterization tool that gets your artwork exported at any resolution or rendering style for instant previews on canvas as you work!
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Marmoset Hexels 3 is available for MacOS and Windows, but it’s not as expensive. For only $50 you’ll get all of the free updates to your software with more point releases than ever before!