How To Animate Type Along A Path In After Effects

Mike Ridolfi has a beginner’s look at animating along the type on path in After Effects.

One of the most common processes in Adobe apps is type-along. This means that you should be able to use Ae without much difficulty, especially for new users who might have trouble with other programs’ methods.

Ae’s input/output tone may sound a bit more difficult than some other applications because it doesn’t tell people what button does what action- but don’t worry! The program has been designed so even beginners can figure things out quickly.

MoBox’s Mike Ridolfi is a leading expert on After Effects and he’s here to teach you how type in an animation along your path! He’ll show the basics, as well as some more advanced techniques. “It can be tricky at first glance,” says Mike “but if done right it looks really cool.” This article has everything typesetter needs: from getting started with Type Along Paths (TAP) all the way through animating its position over time using plain old Premiere Pro CC or Final Cut Pro X — no matter what software we use our shots always look great thanks again TATM!!