How To Animate Type Along A Path In After Effects

Valeri Visuals shows how easy it is to animate type along a path in After Effects.

Paths inside of Adobe After Effects can be more than just masks. You could also use them to create path animation, and a popular premise is moving type along one! Check out this new quick tip tutorial from Valeri Hudedatov (Valeri Visual) on how he creates text against the shortest distance between two points – in this case an arc trajectory… Download your project files now by clicking here.

Pathways are not only objects used as guides for other equally important functions such as painting or wiping away unwanted areas; paths have many potential uses within various programs including special effects software packages like  Adobe™ AE®, where they serve primarily structural purposes.”

Type is just one of the many things you can animate against a path in After Effects. Check out this tutorial from Joe Lawrence that shows how to automatically animate any layer onto an interesting vector-based style similar to type!