How To Animate Wrinkles With Cloth In Blender

Dikko shows how you can create automatically animated wrinkles by using a cloth sim.

Richard Shilling demonstrates how to create realistic cloth simulations in Blender and use them for animated wrinkles. The stream was a live event, providing new and creative techniques that add tons of life into character animation with just the right touch!

Dynamics for “Free” Animation.

“While there are a few steps involved to animate wrinkles with cloth, Dikko runs through the process on a small example before transposing it for an animation of walking dinosaur. I think he did well in producing this result which looks pretty awesome.”

About Richard Shilling.

Dikko! is an independent artist and 3D generalist based in Melbourne, Australia. His work spans various mediums including sculpture, painting- gestural abstraction with sketches that reveal the hidden surfaces of his subjects or explore their intangible qualities through light effects like Lmona Painting where he applies oil paints onto sheets placed against windows while they are moving outside to make still lifes which appear as if captured by chance but actually planned out beforehand using cinematography techniques (link).