How To Apply Motion Capture To Any Rig In Maya

Bhaumik Patel shows how you can set up any rig in Maya to work with motion capture data, using HumanIK.

There are tons of amazing and free rigs out there for Autodesk Maya, but even though the character will differ from one another they can still be rigged through HumanIK. How does this work? Watch this short tutorial by Bhaumik Patel who steps us through process in just six easy steps!

Patel shows how to associate joints and controls with the HumanIK system, as well as applying stock motion capture data. The video comes from a more extensive course that he offers — Fast Animation & Rigging Techniques using Maya.

Bhaumik has spent the last 16 years working in computer graphics, and he’s very knowledgeable about it. He started off as an animator before moving onto rigging for commercials TV shows like House M.D.. Then eventually into visual effects where he would work on film projects such as Avatar or Game of Thrones among others!