How To Apply Vector Math In Maya For Pole Vector Control

Technical Artist Greg Hendricks Shows A Practical Example for How to Use Vector Math to Place Pole Vector Controls

The technical artist Greg Hendricks has given us an in-depth look into how to apply vector math and place pole controls. He demonstrates this with a joint chain, which is useful knowledge for animators!

You can use vector addition and subtraction, or the dot-and cross product. With this method, you will be able to easily calculate where to place a pole control by projectiving one vector onto another!

In the tutorial, Hendricks references two other videos. One is an Autodesk University Masterclass by Ryan Trowbridge and covers topics such as 3D Math for Technical Artists which was part of their course work on Vectors in motion graphics production–a great resource to learn more about how we can use these neat little mathematical formulas!

The second video reference comes from Cult Of Rig where Rafaele Fragapane talks through his process using those same concepts when creating animations or effects with Adobe programs like After Effects etc…