How To Apply Zbrush Sculpted Blend Shapes To A Maya Rig

Damon Lavenski Walks Through Steps to Work With Sculpted Blend Shapes from Zbrush to Maya.

Maya’s Blend Shape workflow and sculpting tools have been pushed towards new heights for character artists, but if you don’t like using other maya-specific features there’s still an easy way to go about it. For instance: If I wanted ZBrush so that my created blend shapes from Maya could plug into their existing rigging process? The output needs be more informative with less text as well clarify what they mean by “other”.

” Damon Lavenski, a CG Generalist working for Psyop posts new tutorial that covers the process of adding blend shape geometry to an existing character rig using Zbrush and Maya. The 20-minute video is jam packed full with helpful hints and tips.”

Changing Directions

You can use Maya and Zbrush in either direction to create a 3D model. Use Autodesk’s software program for rigging, posing clothes onto your character until they are the way you want them to be before adding more sculpted details with another app called “Zd mud shop”. You’ll find this presentation here on freelancer3dartistjLMussi’s channel if interested!