How To Approach Flat Character Design In Maya

James Crossley shows some methods for creating flat characters in a 3D world.

In a world that’s becoming more and more digital with each passing day, there is something appealing about the idea of drawing your characters yourself. Digital does have its advantages though – for one thing, it can be easier than using 2D animation apps like Spine or ToonBoom because you don’t need to worry as much about maintaining consistency in color style etcetera but all those benefits come at an expense: most importantly being time!

Since everything has been done beforehand save maybe dialogue tags which will change depending upon what action occurs during gameplay (often) then animators really just have two options once they’ve completed their work; whether by filming them speaking lines themselves against prerecorded audio files played overtop footage compiled from moments prior.

2D in 3D.

The old adage of “you get more with a toolbox” is true in this case. With access to so many different pieces of software, not only are you able work faster but also have greater versatility when creating your character or animation for whatever project it may be. Character building can take up hours upon end without having enough equipment at hand; however if one were using 3D viewports instead then they would find themselves saving time byUTION!

The first section goes over some of the modeling methods that Crossley uses to create a flat look. Great stuff here!