How To Automatically Convert Python 2 To Python 3 For Maya

Matias Codesal shows how you can convert Python 2 to Python 3 with the least fuss and still maintain backward-compatibility.

Maya 2022 launched with a couple of things set as default, like ACES and Python 3. The new default is to use the most recent version for both Macs (Python 3) or PCs running Microsoft Windows (Windows 10). Users can also choose whether they want their application to startup in legacy versions such as 2 which will sunset on January 1st 2020; this way users may opt into whatever path suits them best before then transitioning full time over!

As the technical director for Matias Codesal, I wanted to write an article about converting your code from Python 2 and 3. You might be surprised by how easy this process is!
You’ll want one of these tools when changing all scripts/modules over: https://trypy3k — it can convert as quickly as possible without any hassle or pain on behalf of you (or others). It also shows what’s going wrong if things aren’t working out too well conversion-wise; no worries though because there are lots more resources available now that didn’t exist before like tutorials at youtube dot com slash programming languages.

Python 3 includes a script called, which handles automatically converting your code for many of the changes that occurred between Python 2 and Python 3.”

About Matias Codesal.

Matias is a Technical Director at DreamWorks Animation and teaches Scripting For Production at Gnomon School of Visual Effects, Games, & Animation. His skill set lies in creating pipelines, building custom applications with the Unity3D game engine to integrate third party plugins like After effects or Photoshop which are used by many VFX houses around Hollywood for visualizing shots before they’re animated on screen as well as automating tedious tasks that would take hours if not days without doing them yourself!

Matia works within DWA’s tech team where he specializes mainly in developing production tools designed specifically towards television animation studios but also helps out across other departments when needed.

How To Automatically Convert Python 2 To Python 3 For Maya
How To Automatically Convert Python 2 To Python 3 For Maya