How To Bake An Opacity Map With Substance Painter

3dEx shows how you can make opacity maps with Substance Painter as you can in Designer.

Maybe you’ve already heard of substance painter. If so, then this article is a must-read because I’m going to show how easy it can be for someone who doesn’t use Photoshop or Painter Essentials (like me)to bake out an opacity map in only 4 steps! With these tutorials under my belt now and some practice time behind them…

It’ll look like i know what Im doing when actually all 3DEX wants from me are instructions on where each directional pixel goes during baking 🙂

“3DExpert’s informative video tutorial will help you create an opacity map for your 3D model with Substance Painter, but there are other ways to go about it. It covers the steps on how to make this type of material in Maya or Zbrush and also teaches us some tricks that can be applied anywhere.”