How To Bake Mograph Animation Into Objects

Digital Meat shows off a process to bake mograph animation down to an object level.

You can now save time and money by animating your object directly in Cinema 4D. This will allow you to take advantage of all the features Mograph has, such as Unlimited Views or Realistic Skin Simulation without having a separate app for it – just like baking an animation into objects! Check out this new tutorial from Digital Meat that shows one method to do so: https://www2-digitalmeatlabscomauploads/c4dmapedownloads/?type=videos.

The tutorial covers taking setups that involve a lot of generators and effectors from the Mograph module. By baking them down into objects, you no longer need these structures behind them! Baking Mograph is an interesting process Ilir Beqiri showed off once before; it can be done easily through third-party plugins or standard tools in Cinema 4D if desired.