How To Bake PBR Textures with Blender 2.8

By Jayanam

I’m frequently asked how I make those cool 3D models with the PBR textures from Blender 2.8, as seen in this video!

I use Cycles for baking and basically the procedure is as follows: You define an image texture in the shader editor, then select it. Next set render engine to cycles and define how your textures should be baked – either by setting a specific technique or leaving it up to one of their auto options which will choose between displacement mapping ( subsurface scattering), Pixar’s SVOGI algorithm with depth sorting enabled where surfaces appear hazy because light passing through them gets allocated towards different directions depending on its intensity etc., Toast shadows from Metal graphics API using MSAA.

I do this for the diffuse (albedo) map and for the roughness. The normal maps we can reused.

After that I create a new Blender project with the same model (plane) in which I add a new material with a principled shader.

To this shader I add the baked textures : Diffuse, roughness and normal map.

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