How To Break Vellum Constraints Over Time

Rohan Dalvi Offers Some Insights Into How to Animate and Break Vellum Constraints in Houdini.

Houdini 17 has added a new solver to Vellum, the internet is ablaze with tutorials on how it can be used. Rohan Dalvi of Houdini talks about some slightly more advanced topics in his tutorial and shows that you could even animate or break constraints over time using this feature!

Davli shows four different methods or approaches for altering constraints over time. The first and simplest is to animate them by way of easy keyframe animation, while the next looks at using an Attribute Transform on your layer’s attributes menu in order break vellum lines dynamically as needed based off a dynamic input signal from another element nearby it (like user input). There are also 2 more complicated setups Rohan discusses where he breaks up multilayered paths with various types customizable triggers within certain parameters like distance between points A & B…

For a more generalized overview, be sure to check out Moritz Schwind’s Vellum Solver Quickstart. It also covers creating tearing cloth simulations which are an important part in achieving realistic looking graphics when gaming or working with digital media alike!