How To Build Hardwood Floors Procedurally In Houdini

The author, Hristo Velev takes us through the process of creating an efficient woodworking setup using simple tools.
You can make your home’s old flooring look like new again with this guide!

Procedural modeling has a lot of practical uses. One helpful thing is to have the setup needed for generating repetitive patterns and filling spaces precisely, which means something like kitchen cabinets or handrails in any design software package! Check out this new tutorial from Hristo Velev that shows how you can create hardwood flooring with Sidefx Houdini without having too much experience using it before (or even knowing what all these tools are).

Building Procedural Floor Tiles

The tutorial covers creating a floor tile set up and how to extract profiles with Carve. Edge Fracture, lines handle cutting the boards into various sizes while custom displaceurs add visual interest for your project file download here!

About Hristo Velev

Hristo Velev is a founder at Bottleship VFX, where he uses his skills to help other companies create dynamic effects.
A small company in Bulgaria called “Bottleship” has been able to provide customers with high quality work because of one man’s creativity and hard-work; this person goes by the name HristoVelev!