How To Change Color Based On An Objects Rotation In After Effects

William Marler shows how you can link the rotation property of one object to another in After Effects by using expressions.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use expressions to link the rotation of one object to the color of multiple othersWilliam Marler –

Expressions in After Effects allow you to build your project so it can be edited for different scenarios. William walks through the basics of defining values using expressions that make code neat visually, which is key when setting up interpolation here with linear evaluations like those found on many effects presets or custom tools created by users themselves.

Having some experience with expressions in After Effects will be useful, but isn’t essential for following along this tutorial. Check out the help article on Changing Color based off an Object’s Rotation here to get started!

Having a little bit of previous work as far as using Scriptable Objects and Calling Events is helpful when understanding certain topics I cover in my tutoriais – so don’t worry if it feels overwhelming at first because once you’ve got everything down pat there won’t ever need another reference again 🙂