How To Change Texture Color With Maya Utility Nodes

David Palley Shows How You Can Change Texture Color in Maya Procedurally Using Utility Nodes.

One way to save time and effort in 3D is by using texture colors that can be changed at any point. An example of this would be David Palley, a professional artist who has created a system for changing the color utilized on various surfaces throughout Maya without having to re-harden them individually or apply additional shop changes later downstream from Autodesk’s software programming interface “pipeline.”

Palley is a photographer and was looking for new ways to improve his work. He had been experimenting with different color effects in Adobe Photoshop but wanted something quick, easy-to use so that he could jump back into doing what mattered most–creating images instead of editing maps or setting up complicated systems all over again just because it’s time-consuming!

With Palley’s clever idea on how extend controls into the channel box while also creating simple tools like sliders where users can choose between two colors at once without having an additional layer open–you won’t have anything elsetakingup space either since everything will happen inside one file which makes managing easier too!–this has caused quite some buzz among other professionals out there who are also trying find solutions.