How To Color Manage Files For Aces In Maya

Johnny Fehr offers some insights on where to set your IDTs for files in Maya

One of the most important things to know about color management in Maya is that ACES (Adobe colorspace) has been adopted as a standard and now prevails over linear. If you’re used working with your software’s default settings, it may not be optimal for what we need here so let me walk through how this can affect our workflow before showing exactly why those old ways don’t work anymore!

Fehr shows the correct IDTs (Input Display Transforms) set in Maya 2002 for file nodes when respecting an ACES workflow. According to Fehr, any high dynamic range image needs to read scene-linear Rec.709 sRGB or RAW mattes and greyscale images are also available as options like JPGs/PNG’s 8bit color setting which should be resolved with care since oversaturated colors may cause problems during post production .