How To Compile Maya Plugins Across Multiple Versions And Platforms

Ever wanted to bring your plugins into Maya 2017? With the new plugin development tools, you can create and use multiple platforms as well as different versions of this software.

The ability to use plugins for multiple platforms such as OS X, Windows and Linux in one build-file can save time. Chad also demonstrates how you could develop the plugin using different versions of Autodesk Maya without any issues at all!

Developing plugins for Maya can be frustrating, with so many different environments and versions. Keeping up on maintaining projects in each platform would get out of hand fast!

How to compile Maya plugins on all platforms using CMake.

CMake is a cross-platform open source tool that can help you maintain multiple versions of your software. It will work with any platform and every version, so keeping just one build file saves time in the long run.

CMake is a software that will allow you to keep your build scripts, and then use them for generating Maya plugins on any platform.

Chad has the unenviable task of hosting CMake modules for computer graphics related applications. His latest find, FindMaya-cmake is an open source tool that helps you find libraries in your system to use when compiling with Maya or other 3D packages! Give it a try here: