How To Control Hair In Blender With A Curve

Danny Mac shows how you can control particle hair in Blender with Curves.

Once you have created your character, it is time to start working on their hair. Creating the right look can be difficult without instructor-level knowledge of 3D modeling software like Blender or Photoshop because there are many different types and styles that need careful consideration when designing an individual’s personal aesthetic in order not to seem generic or kitschy.

However with one simple motion Danny Mac was able show how anyone could move around particle based geometry easily under his control using only curves for shape manipulation! This tutorial should help beginners learn more about creating custom characters while still getting into really cool customization territory if they so choose by adding extra features such as depth appearance normal mapping.

The technique used by Danny Mac to create the most powerful and dramatic hairstyles is called “curved trimming.” It’s a process where you use one curve for controlling direction, while playing with more than one allows for an impressive range of results.

He also shows how it can be applied in situations that call upon less flexibility such as bangs or cornrows because those styles need only minor adjustments around their main shape rather than total transformations like otherbillboards might require if done too drastically differently from what was originally planned out beforehand.