How To Control Material Values Using Drivers In Blender

Christoph Werner shows how you can change material values based on an object distance.

Christoph Werner’s latest quick tip for Blender shows how you can control materials using Drivers. In his example, he creates a setup where material values will automatically change based on the relative object’s position and orientation with respect to camera movement or another collider that triggers an effect such as rain drops falling onto transparent water droplets in front of them (e.g., mist).
This is facilitated through drivers – simple programs written into these 3D graphics software programs which allow users greater flexibility when creating their models because they do not have be confined within pre-determined limits like those imposed by default properties defined at program startup time; rather it gives us full reign over all aspects including settings regarding what happens.

Drivers are important keys that can be used for various purposes. They have the ability to control attributes in more than one material, and their last few tricks were all about clever ways you could work with materials in Blender! One tip showed how a single button on your keyboard controls multiple parameters at once- which is an awesome skill if you’re looking for efficiency during animating sessions or other productivity boosting tasks.”