How To Control Multiple Materials At Once In Blender

Christoph Werner shows how you can control attributes in multiple materials in Blender

To create a custom material in Blender, you can control multiple aspects of the object at once. Let’s say that one side of your model has metalic surfaces while another is matte finish with color variations on both sides.

It may be difficult to do this if all these different types were not made into distinct materials beforehand by creating layers for each unique property they need – like texture maps or reflective ramps which will then feed into their respective properties within the Scene Customizer tab under Display Properties when loaded back up again after editing. Christoph shows how simple it actually is!

One easy way to control different materials that share common properties is with nodes. You can use a group Node in Blender, which will allow you edit them all at once and then the changes are automatically applied across all of these networks without having to go back-and-forth between different sets of parameters for individual networks.