How To Control Text Range Selectors With An Expression

Motion Designer Luis Martínez Shows How to Control Range Selectors by way of an Expression Selector used as a String Parser.

After Effects Text Animators are a great way to add text animation into your After Effex video project. They allow you do some amazing things with type in Ae, once you understand how they all work together! Did You Know that there is one more feature not mentioned yet? Expression Selectors and Processing Change HelperAnimationsThroughExpression:

These tools can really save time when it comes down to adding motion effects on top of foundational assets like texts by using expressions instead – just watch as Motion Designer Luis Martínez walks us through the steps below so we know exactly what’s possible…

Martínez’s setup employs an Expression Selector and uses it almost like a string parser. In his example, the name of the animator in the text layer stack dictates which elements are selected. Because he’s animated by actual characters instead of simple movements or sounds (a la CSS animations), this is really cool because you can search for specific patterns within your clip with ease!