How To Convert Styled Ornatrix Hair To Xgen

Some people might be wondering what the best way to do hair is. There are more than a few solutions out there, but if you’re working with Maya then your options become limited by that program’s internal system or XGen – which also has new technology like Ornatrix built into it (developed specifically for use within MAYA). As an example of one such solution; Ephere offers its own line called ‘Ornatic’.

It turns out that Ornatrix and Maya are best friends. This makes it easier to add Ornatrix into an existing pipeline, because then you can use the hair simulation tools available for both applications in tandem without interruption or conversion time lag between them (which would be needed if they were on different software). The interoperability of these two programs is impressive; I really like how well they work together!

Watch 3D Artist Serguei Krikalev demonstrate how to convert Ornatrix Hair into Xgen in 6 easy steps.