How To Copy And Paste Animation Keys With Python In Maya

Billy Dao shows how to copy/paste animation in Maya like a nerd.

Have you always wanted to learn more about how animation keyframes work? You can now follow the series “Let’s Payathon.” Each new episode will teach your skills and give tips for using Python in production-driven workflow environments with Maya!
The first lesson is available right away. Dao says that before long, “You’ll be awesome at Python,” but most importantly: we’re going over some really cool techniques so by next week (maybe sooner!), producers like yourself should feel confident applying these advanced concepts on any project they tackle.

Animation Keys With Python

In this tutorial, you will learn about a technique that can be used when animating inAnimatator. Before moving on with the animation process there are some important tasks such as timing and spacing which need attention first before proceeding any further towards keyframes editing or creating new entities using Python functions for automation purposes among others including how they work together too!
It’s not uncommon at all starting an average simpler object like head etc., instead of selecting individual keys then manually copy & paste data onto another entity–Chung shows us his preferred way around by referring back ot [python code.