How To Craft Hand Painted Textures With 3d-coat and Photoshop

Angelina Diez is a veteran Character Artist and 3D modeler from Madrid, who loves to add that hand-painted texture look into her work. She walks us through the process by using 3D Coat with Photoshop gradient color maps as a base for creating this effect in both software programs alike!

A 3D-Coat map provides the perfect base for texture painting. This creates an easy to follow guide of light and dark tones in any model, as well as identifying forms easily with this type if imagery.

A great way to prepare models before they’re rendered out is by using ambient occlusion (AO) maps which give you depth cues so shadows are more realistic! Plus these help identify where all those hard-to see details might be hiding on your character or scene when looking at them head on–especially important since most people don’t want their characters’ features blocked off too much while viewing it up close.

Angelina is using her War Beast model to create the time-lapse process in Zbrush. Sculpting can be seen as an evolving, moving image that evolves over time with each new layer added on top just like how one would take more pictures during their shoot for a movie or video editing project of sorts!–xIEZpp_Q