How to Create 3D Animation for FREE with BLENDER

By Techjockey

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3D animated videos are gaining massive popularity these days. They’re an increasingly popular form of entertainment with a wide range of viewers, from kids to adults! But how do you make one?
A 3 dimensional (3D) movie or video has characters that can be viewed from all angles and they often use computer graphics such as motion tracked objects for animation purposes – giving them an extra layer which makes it seem more real than just still images put together would typically illustrate something happening in front on camera lens without any context whatsoever.

3D animation software is a one-of-a kind tool that can be used to create amazing videos. There are various processes involved in creating 3D animated movies, like texturing and lighting but it’s all worth the time when you see what your creation looks like at long last!

Let’s have a look at them.

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