How To Create A 3d Flag Wave In 2d With Spine

Arman Harutyunyan shows how you can make a 3D looking flag wave in Spine with a few tricks.

There are many ways to create a waving flag animation, but not all of them work well with 2D styles. In this new tutorial from Arman Harutyunyan he shows how you can get the look and feel of 3D animations without having any experience in dynamics or knowing about Esoteric Spine software!

There’s nothing worse than when your animated gif looks boring because they lack movement – thankfully there is now an easy way to add some life into these static images using just CSS transforms. All it takes is one rule: if both sides have been scaled up then scales down at least.

Spine, Bones, Keys, and Scale.

It’s really too bad that Spine isn’t expanded a tiny bit so more Motion Graphics artists could use it for their workflow. Arman shows how to set up the bones and other deformations of his rig, which will facilitate animating waves like flags in Ae (or any program). If you work with 3D models aniamtion toolsets on your computer; make sure not miss this droolworthy tutorial!

Esoteric Spine

Spine is an animation tool that focuses specifically on 2D animations for games. The workflow in Spines’s editor makes creating and using your own content efficient, while also providing the necessary tools needed to integrate it into any game or project with their runtime engine Spin-off products include:

1) A suite of Runtimes tailored towards working with different engines like Unity3d/C# which use Animation C

About Arman Harutyunyan

Arman Harutyunyan is a full-time game developer and animator who also likes to experiment with 2D assets in his free time.