How To Create A 3d Portal Effect With Fusion

Noah Hähnel shows how to model and shade a 3D portal effect in Fusion.

Noah Hähnel, a well-known video editor and creator of the popular 3D Portal Effect tutorial series hosted on his YouTube channel BlackMagicTutors has released an updated version that’s sure to impress.

In this new article he walks through how you can create your very own magical portal using Fusion/Resolve software by Davincidcyseries! Just follow these simple steps: choose any background image (or even design one from scratch), import it into Fusions Library module > choose Image Settings tab at top right corner where there are options for various aspects such as Style settings or Text Layer Masking depending if want something written onto whatever shape gets generated out.

3D mesh and deformation, particles, pCustom tools Glows lighting all come together in one tutorial to create a beautiful Portal-like effect.

About Noah Hähnel.

Noah is a VFX Generalist living in Berlin who has created visual effects for software and hardware tests, tutorials on YouTube.