How To Create A C4d Clay Or Override Material Fast c

Uwe Schweer-Lambers Shows How to Make a Useful Clay Render Using Ambient Occlusion and Fresnel

Dubbed the “clay render,” a dull grey rendering not only looks great and can be one of your best tools for lighting modeling. I’m sure everyone has their methods when creating clay-rendered images; maybe you’re using overrides to quickly switch between fully shaded views or something else altogether? Anyway it’s worth thinking about whether this type on material might work well in certain circumstances before giving up entirely on experimenting with them!

Uwe Schweer-Lambers, a senior technical artist at Equiloud dishes out the latest in 3D render techniques. He says that although it’s simple to create a great looking clay render with just one technique: combining physical materials and ambient occlusion – you’ll want C4Ds new Fresnel shader for best results! Check this article from him about how easy creating our own lighting rigs have become thanks so much these advancements .