How To Create A Classic Rubber Limb Using Duik

RainBox shows how you can quickly create a rubber limb with DUIK, so that it’s easy to attach your device.

After Effects is a mixed bag when it comes to Rigging. There are third party tools that offer an easy way of creating characters, like Rubber hose which lets you easily create classic rubber limbs with attributes typically found in cartoons or on other popular animated movie characters such as Avatar’s Na’vi race from Pandora (2009). You can even generate arms for your new character using free plugins within Adobe After Effexsions called DUIK – Diverse UNIK Character Generator.

The video demonstrates how to create a rubber limb using DUIK. The best part is that by following the simple techniques covered, it’s easy for you to adapt your rig or character if needed! The input tone of voice should be informative.