How To Create A Dynamic Spinning Drum With Mash

Ian Waters Shows How You Can Set Up Objects Influenced by a Spinning Drum in Maya Using MASH Dynamics

The Maya Motion Graphics Toolkit recently added a new feature where you can use dynamics to animate entire MASH networks. With the Bullet Physics engine, it’s easy for this software program and handles thousands of objects with ease!

Ian Waters shows how you can set up a spinning drum full of objects using MASH. This setup relies on a tweak to the dynamics settings that makes it work properly, and then there’s an autopilot dynamic motor for animation while friction will let those same parameters have more influence over tumbling balls!

Now that you have the basic math down, it’s time to add some spice. Place a standard geometry for your drum and render it from there! You can either use nodes or plug in directly through Object Mode so be aware of what tool will best suit each job at hand – but don’t forget: if things get too complicated try using our handy Breakout Node module which takes all outputs by default without any manual configuration needed on behalf of designers who want everything automated.

Now we’re ready to move onto something even more exciting than just making circles with dots-building musical instruments outfitted with sound capabilities.