How To Create A Fire Animation In Procreate

Alex Kunchevsky offers a free masterclass on animating fire using a unique technique in Procreate.

Procreate, a new app for the iPad Pro is now available and it allows you to create fire animations. The free version has all of its tools in one place where before they were spread out across various apps like Photoshop or Illustrator with an extra cost per use; however if users want more control over their work there’s also paid versions available (such as “Procreate 5”). Alex Kunchevksy shares his insights into using this platform that was recently updated so we can learn how he creates such breathtaking visuals from start-to-finish!

iPad Animation with Procreate Masterclass.

The nearly hour-long animation tutorial comes as a bit of a teaser to the more extensive course ‘Become a Pro in Procreate’ that covers working with Adobe Illustrator and other applications for illustration. You can get 20% OFF by using coupon code FIRE: https://kunchevskycom/course