How To Create A Fire Animation In Procreate

The fire in this animation is brilliantly animated and the flame looks truly life-like. It really makes me want to try out Procreate for myself!

A great way to create a fire animation is with Procreate on the iPad Pro. Using all of its painting app’s toolset, this tutorial will show you how in just ten minutes! The video covers everything from choosing footage and importing it into your project file or creating new figures using Characterboard 3/4″ scale figurines for children that are available at www.characterboard3dcompany [link].

iPad Animation with Procreate Masterclass.

This video tutorial is an appetizer for the more comprehensive course on how to use Procreate. It provides a good overview, but it’s not enough if you want details and tools that will get your work done quickly in this app! The coupon code FIRE gives 20% off if used while purchasing through Kunchevsky’s site – https://kunchevskyshop . com/course