How To Create A Fire Effect In Fusion Using Fabric

Vito LaManna shows how you can turn shot footage of fabric into a fire effect in Fusion.

You know that feeling when you’re watching the waves crashing on an endless beach and all of sudden there is fire in front of your eyes? As if by magic, flames dance around as if asking for attention. This isn’t just any old simulation—this was created using Davinci Resole or Fusion software! We can turn footage into beautiful firescapes with ease thanks to this new tutorial from Con-Fusion (Vito LaManna). Watch how he takes shot images…
The output tone should be informative.

Vito is always trying to find new ways of using technology, forgetting that before this domain was handled by limitations. He uses GridWarp and MultiMerge in Fusion for his effect. To create the halo like an image has been extracted from it’s background while maintaining depth with Vortex.

The fire effect was made using a piece of fabric shot on a Blackmagic camera. It’s so old-school!