How To Create A Fireball Effect In Blender

Jacob Swing shows how you can create, render, and composite a fireball effect right in your hand.

Want to learn how you can create a fireball effect in Blender? Check out this new tutorial from Jacob Swing. He shows us that it’s possible with smoke, particles and fluids!

A Fireball in Your Hand.

What is the best way to create an intimidating, realistic looking fireball that can be tracked in any scene? Fireball flames are typically really complex. That’s why this two-part tutorial series goes over how you’ll use Blender for generating your very own fireballs! In part one we will cover what it takes make a basic digital flame with none of those pesky sparks or funny little smokes–just pure burninating power so all eyes are on us when they see our signature spell being casted across clips from multiple angles.”

About Jacob Swing.

Jacob Swing is a freelance generalist who started using Blender back in the late 90s. He’s never lost his love for this program and currently works as an Asia based modeler/videographer producing content across multiple platforms like Youtube, Facebook Live Video Streaming etc.,