How To Create A Foot Roll With Blender Rigging Nodes

This article explains how to make a foot roll with Blender Rigging Nodes.

Chris McFall’s new tutorial shows you how to work with Aquatic Nightmare’s Rigging Nodes for Blender in order create the classic foot roll setup. With this rig, characters are able to perform rolls on their feet while maintaining full control over what occurs at each individual joint of an object or person being manipulated by it–a more non-destructive way than before!

The goal of this project is to be as versatile and let each rigger create their own “Node groups” that they can reuse on different rigs. McFall takes us through downloading the free Node-set, installing it in your preferred software like Nuke or Fusion 8 where you will find all parts necessary for creating complex lightshows with our low cost device–the foot roll set up!