How To Create A Great Looking Skin Shader In Octane

Rohan Dalvi shows how to set up an amazing skin shader in Octane 2020 using Random Walk SSS.

Octane 2020 is the latest in visual effects software, and includes an innovative new feature that allows users to create realistic looking skin shaders. Subsurface Scattering has been around for years but with Random Walk SSS you can now simulate how light scatters when it’s under surfaces like wax or human flesh- something essential if one wants their renders look natural. And Octanes newest addition takes this effect even further by including anisotropic scattering which offers much faster results especially on small details such as pores or indentations!

Octane Skin Shader.

If you are looking to create highly detailed skin tones in Houdini, then this tutorial by Rohan Dalvi is perfect for your needs. The process uses Octane’s various nodes which can be found on any platform because they all belong in that one plugin!

Rohan Dalvi is the best in his field.

Rohan Dalvi is a 3D artist, trainer and educator with more than 15 years of experience in the industry. He works at Side FX where he mentors new artists on Houdini techniques to create their own signature look or improve upon what they already do well through practical application using real world data from clients around the globe who have commissioned him before as part of an artwork commissioning process that includes many steps including character design study progression into final production ready concept art stage along side compositing & lighting correction work when needed depending on project requirements if any.