How To Create A Halftone Effect With Houdini

Chetal Gazdar shows us how to make a procedural halftone effect in Houdini with some math and Python.

The pattern of dots used in printing to create images is a compelling aesthetic. Check out this new tutorial from Chetal Gazdar that shows how you can leverage Python and the procedural capabilities of SideFX Houdini to mimic it with ease, all while being able have full control over every dot on your page!

Houdini is a great tool for the creative professional, but it can be difficult to learn. This tutorial will show you how to create your very own halftone effect in no time at all with an easy-to-understand approach that’s perfect if Houdini doesn’t work well for one reason or another!

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A halftone is an effect that can be applied to images in order for them not only look like they are made of CMYK colors, but also print correctly. Check out this tutorial on how-to create your own!

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If you’re feeling creative, Santiago Pereira shows how to make a halftone shader in Blender. You’ll be able tp use it with great effect!