How To Create A Kaleidoscope Effect in AE

Noble Kreative shows how to create a Kaleidoscope effect using ball action and other effects in Ae.

Noble Kreative, Najib Khayati shows us how to create an awesome kaleidoscope effect in After Effects without using any third-party plugins. His latest is made up of particles that are generated by the CC Ball Action plugin which he wrote himself!

Khayati has created at least one other tutorial that uses ball action. One of these contains a transition effect for us to use!

Khayati posts a lot of tutorials on Ae that provide an easy way to learn the power and possibilities in After Effects’ native toolset. This addition belongs in his motion graphics series, covering how he creates mograph-like elements with ease using just this software—and what you need from other programs like Illustrator or Photoshop as well!